Tuscan Experience Box – Dessert


  • 1 Montecatini Wafers 6.0, Famiglia Desideri, 80gr
  • 1 Cantucci di Prato, Famiglia Desideri, 300gr
  • 1 Egg under Glass, La Molina, 90gr
  • 1 Fringes with Toasted Millet and Chili Pepper, La Molina, 66gr
  • 1 Panforte Margherita, Villa Marta Firenze, 250gr
  • 1 Vin Santo di San Gimignano DOC, Guicciardini Strozzi, 500ml
  • 1 Ventuno VR Glasses

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The products

Montecatini Wafers 6.0

Montecatini Wafers 6.0, Famiglia Desideri (80 gr): These fragrant, golden discs of layered wafers enclose finely ground almonds, sugar and vanilla in an extra-large, 6-centimeter format for additional enjoyment.

Ingredients: Type 00 soft wheat flour, sugar, whole milk, fresh eggs, almonds and vanilla.

Cantucci di Prato

Cantucci di Prato, Famiglia Desideri (300 gr): Hand-made following the traditional recipe, with abundant almonds and without butter, the cookies are baked twice so they become characteristically crunchy and are emblematic of Tuscan dessert.

Ingredients: High-quality flour, 30% almonds, Italian sugar, fresh eggs, wildflower honey and oranges.

Egg under Glass

Egg under Glass, La Molina (90 gr): What looks like a soft-boiled egg made of chocolate tastes like heaven, with its dark chocolate shell and gianduia hazelnut chocolate filling, enticingly displayed in a glass jar.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (min. 64% cocoa) and gianduia, hazelnut and dark chocolate cream.

Fringes with Toasted Millet and Chili Pepper,

Fringes with Toasted Millet and Chili Pepper, La Molina (66 gr): Dark chocolate chunks shaped to look like fringes, designed by New York artist Rita Linz. The toasted millet in the chocolates makes them crunchy, the chili pepper gives the deep chocolate flavor added zing and pizazz.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate with toasted millet and chili pepper (minimum 64% cocoa).

Panforte Margherita

Panforte Margherita, Villa Marta Firenze (250 gr): From select ingredients and artisanal methods, this Siena specialty revisits the more delicate, softer version of medieval panpepato that was especially made for an Italian queen visiting Siena in 1879, Queen Margherita di Savoia.

Ingredients: Candied citron, almonds, honey, sugar, type 00 flour, candied orange, spices and vanilla.

Vin Santo di San Gimignano DOC

Vin Santo di San Gimignano DOC, Guicciardini Strozzi (500 ml): This brilliant gold and amber gem from select grapes of Trebbiano and Malvasia, naturally dried on the racks and fine-tuned in small oak barrels called “caratelli” for over four years, shows an ample and persistent bouquet of hazelnuts, toasted almonds, prunes and apricots confirmed on a well-balanced, silky palate.

Varieties: Malvasia, Trebbiano.