Piedmontese tajarin pasta, the taste of the Langhe

Piedmontese tajarin pasta represents “the taste of the Langhe”, a symbol of their taverns which offer generous, genuine and simple cuisine. Tajarin pasta can stain your shirt, and it can also seduce entire tables.

The origins of Piedmontese tajarin pasta

Born in the countryside, tajarin has spread throughout the Piedmont region since the 15th century, when the first accounts mention this handmade pasta. Originally considered the party dish, to be consumed in the family during Sunday lunch or Christmas. The many yolks needed for the preparation made the recipe anything but light – the original one includes 30 egg yolks per kilogram of flour. Yet, today this pasta is found in every trattoria and on every Piedmontese table on any day of the year. Although considered a traditional home cooked dish, rumor has it that tajarin was also the favorite dish of King Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy. Apparently Rosa Vercellana, first lover and then the king’s wife used to prepare them with her own hands.

Apparently tajarin pasta cannot be counted among the dishes to be served at a romantic dinner or a formal meeting. Lacking the sensuality of an oyster or the voluptuousness of a truffle, this pasta deserves a place of honor among the dishes to prepare when you want something heartwarming and deeply satisfying.

How to prepare tajarin pasta

No frills preparation, but endless repeated gestures in search of perfection. Born from the skilled hands of women farmers who have mastered the perfect alchemic formula, traditionally tajarin need a great abundance of egg yolks, even though today, in the name of healthy eating, their number is considerably reduced. Tajarin pasta is born from a thin sheet pulled preferably by hand and then cut into fine stripes.
Although the traditional accompanying sauce is based on livers, variations with porcini or truffles are allowed. Yet, what can never change is the care with which they are prepared: making tajarin, in fact, is a true act of love. Moreover, it is said that in order to determine whether the dough has been sufficiently worked, it must be as soft and thin as the skin of a baby’s bottom.

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